Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PBS Boycott: Facebook Filter - Next Meal Posts

(7) KCTS 9:

Sample Post:

Nanette Reetz November 2
Dear KCTS9 Thank you for your timely (3 days) and thoughtful (computer or certainly generic) response. The information in this film you irresponsibly decided to air on Oct. 30th and have re-scheduled to air on the eve of the election Nov.4th is not relevant to this issue at all.

It is extremely outdated science and unbalanced in favor of the biotech industry. Did you even read the new United Nations Summit report issued on Sept 13, 2013 that I posted?

The UN is urgently recommending a return to sustainable small farming methods! Did you read the lack of safety consensus report that was published on Oct 21st, 2013 that has now grown to over 230 independent scientist and physicians in the last week?

How about the new Oct. 26th 2013 study from Italy connecting increasing pesticide (neonicotinoid) use to the killing of our bees?

This research has been ongoing since 2006! I'm sure the viewing pulic would be interested in Randy Brinson's (programming executive) views on I-522 and how he is voting.

The only thing timely about this film is that you rescheduled your prior programming to air it 6 days before the election with the intent to influence the public's vote on Initiative.

Again I say shame on you! You have lost me as a viewer and many others as well.

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