Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PBS Boycott: I just watched PBS' Next Meal: Engineering Food and it...

(7) KCTS 9 - I just watched PBS' Next Meal: Engineering Food and it...:

Mickie Meyer: I just watched PBS' Next Meal: Engineering Food and it is like a commercial for GMO's. At the end of the program it shows who the sponsors are or who took part in making it. The No on 37 Coalition Against the Deceptive Food Labeling Scheme is listed among many others. The Prop 37 Campaign is the GMO labeling Initiative that failed in California last year by a very small margin. The big Corporations poured 47 million dollars into the No Campaign. Now, the same companies are pouring their millions into the No on I-522 campaign in Washington State. Needless to say, I am very disappointed by your decision, KCTS 9, to televise this very biased and one sided program 6 days before the election. Please reconsider your decision to show this program at this time.

T. Matthew Phillips: On Mon. Nov. 4th—the eve of election—PBS (KCTS) will again broadcast "Quest: Next Meal, Engineering Food," a politically charged, pro-GMO program. Curiously, PBS is broadcasting this program ONLY in Washington State—where GMO labeling is on the ballot—but in NO other market, which proves the political agenda of PBS (KCTS). (1) Which corporation paid KCTS for this broadcast, and how much? (2) Is this a violation of KCTS’ charter? (3) Will the anti-GMO position be given equal air time?

Gregg Graff: SHAME ON YOU KCTS. I just watched "The Next Meal", the pro GMO program you plan to air in this coming Wednesday, just days before the election deadline. It is little more than a commercial for the biotech industry. It's a shame that public broadcasting has been co-opted by big corporations.
If you follow through with this bias program you will surely lose the support of many patrons, AND RIGHTLY SO!

Jennifer Basaraba Sprague: "target of an organized campaign by anti-GMO activists"? We are KCTS members who find your arrogance absolutely unacceptable, KCTS. Why don't you publicize those "funder credits"? Because they're biotech companies and pro-GMO organizations. "Next Meal" DOES NOT include multiple perspectives on the issue of GMOs. That's a lie. KCTS claims to be the only locally owned TV station in its market -- and owned by its members. Well, I'm a member -- currently, that is, because I don't intend to remain a member if you insist on lying to your members about the content of programming and the intention behind changing your program schedule.

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