Friday, January 3, 2014

GMO Inside - Thank you Cheerios for listening to your customers and removing GMOs!

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Thank you Cheerios for listening to your customers and removing GMOs! Sourcing non-GMO corn and sugar for your original yellow box product is an excellent first step. Your customers would like third party verification such as the Non-GMO Project. We hope you're still listening! 

To learn more about Cheerios removing GMOs go here: 
Learn more about the non-profit verification from the non-GMO project: 
Press release:

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  • Pamm Larry Now this is even better than yesterday's news! Yes, let's celebrate, but then we need keep the pressure ON Voluntary labels are not enough. We need the same standards as the EU or stronger. Keep up the good fight!
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    • GMO Inside Nice to hear you say that Pamm Larry! We thanked them for making the change yesterday but we do not intend to leave them alone and not demand the next steps one of which is to be verified by a third party. Thanks for all you do, Pamm!

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