Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Oregon Secretary of State's public record

Here you go , friends... from the Oregon Secretary of State's public record itself.... EXACTLY WHO is paying for all of those negative, scary-looking propaganda postcards in your mailbox filled with untruths about Measure 17-58 AND the 14 articles in the Voters' Pamphlet, negative tv and radio ads, etc.. Hint: it ain't any REAL local farmers or concerned farm organizations.

Please do not be swayed by these same HUGE Chemical corporations that made Agent Orange, DDT and other toxic chemicals - the same exact companies who make the genetically engineered crop seed and required INCREASED sprayings of their pesticides. Keep them out of our valleys by voting YES on Measure 17-58.

Protect our actual family farms-see the Daily Courier Tuesday 5/6 edition for the full page disclosure of the 100+ LOCAL Farms, Dairies, Nurseries, Granges, Ranches that are praying you will vote yes to keep their crops and livestock from being contaminated. 

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