Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Family Farms Coalition - DAVID/DIANA CAN WIN By Magdaleno Rose-Avila


We are told that David defeated Goliath in a most historic battle. Where the big and powerful was defeated by a humble individual. As you know I think that if women were writing history so many years ago that it could well have been Diana that defeated Goliath. But that really doesn’t matter now.

What does matter is that we who want to protect our Family Farms, our crops, our way of life  are in a battle of historic proportions. This is about humble people fighting for their lives against rich corporate giants with deep financial pockets, who have no conscience and will do and say anything to win and to make a profit

You …We have a chance to make history. It is a once in a life time opportunity to write the first chapter of this new book that will be our guide into the future. It will be written with our dreams, with our words, with our signs, with our songs, conversations, presentations, by praying, by walking and doing. It will be written by all of us who give the best of ourselves each and every day and night. Doing what asked of us and what is needed. It will later be written that we supported each other. That we encouraged each other to run hard the last hours as we worked together to reach the finish line of this most historic marathon of what is just and right.

So it will take both David and Diana working together to build dreams and magically deliver on those dreams. You cannot rest now... Your time will soon come when you can take a deep breath, a long rest and hold the person next to you. But for now you must reach down into the deepest place in your heart and your dreams and make what initially might have seemed to some as impossible ..a reality.

Remember that it really doesn’t matter how long you live but what you did when you were alive. And it doesn’t matter the promises you make but the promises you keep. You made a promise to the Family Farms, to Mother Earth, to each other, to a way of life. Together we can keep this promise and make history together.

David and Diana working together can win

Magdaleno Rose-Avila 

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