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Moms to EPA: RECALL ROUNDUP ( Glyphosate) - Moms Across America

Moms Across America meeting with the EPA to Recall Roundup May 27th 12:30 pm

Meeting with the Glyphosate Review Board: Neil Andersen, Tom Moriarity, Khue Ngyun, Anne Overstreet and other board members.

The Moms + scientists:
  •  Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America Founder and Director 
  • Alexis Baden-Mayer, esq. Organic Consumers Association, Political Director 
  • Kristi Pullen, PhD, Natural Resources Defense Council, Staff Scientist, health Program 
  • Aimee Simpson, Beyond Pesticides, Policy Director and Staff Attorney 
  • Megan Davenhall, Author and co-founder of Thinking Moms Revolution 
  •  Nanette Elaine Reetz, Moms Across America WA Leader 
  • Nancy Louise Visser, US Marine, Moms Across America
    Sarah Cusack MAA, MAM DC Leader 
  • Zoe Swartz, GMO Free Lancaster County,Founder, MAA, east coast leader 
  • Michael Hansen, PhD, Consumers Union, Senior Scientist 
  • Anne Dietrich, President,Truth in Labeling 
After being told we could not test our children for glyphosate ( suspecting link to allergies and autism), we Moms took matters into our own hands discovered glyphosate in breast milk at 760-1600 times higher than is deemed safe in Europe's drinking water. We contacted the EPA. They did not respond for a month. So we called launched a 5 Day Campaign, "Moms Call the EPA to Recall Roundup" and the EPA stated that 10,000 women called by the third day.

By Friday they responded that the levels of glyphosate in breast milk are not a health risk to humans and asked us to stop so they "can do their jobs." We said their job is to Recall Roundup, not tell us it is safe.

They agreed to meet with us.

We moms, backed by PhD scentists, lawyers and a marine, 11 all together, met with the 9 EPA Glyphosate Review Board members to Recall Roundup on Tuesday May 27th at 12:30 in Arlington VA.

They met with us for 2 hours instead of 1 hour. They were glued to their seats. I saw the look in their eyes and I saw that we have people on our side. I also saw fear, resentment, denial and anger.

Regardless, moms will not give up. We will protect our children.

We pointed out that:
  • The product is not doing what the manufacturers said it would do, which is not bio accumulate. It is bio accumulating in our breast milk and numerous studies show serious harm to mammals from glyphosate/Roundup. 
  • There are numerous studies showing serious harm to mammals and humans including endocrine disruption, birth defects, infertility and sterility, kidney disease, cancer cell growth, the destruction of gut bacteria ( it is a patented anti biotic) which leads to auto immune, autism, diabetes, violnec and mental illness. 
  • We want the chemical NOT to be approved in the registration review. 
  •  We want this toxic treadmill of chemical cocktails in our food to stop. They are poisons and they are hurting our fetuses, babies and children.
    Enough is enough. 
  • We have faith that the EPA board members love their children as much as we do and that they will do the courageous thing and recall Roundup.
Please see the reasons why: The Collateral Damage to our millions of children shows us that cost is much greater than the benefit of a few corporations.

In conclusion, they dd not agree to recall roundup.

They did agree to include the scientific study which MAA and Sustainable Pulse got fully funded.
They did agree to give us the protocols to make sure the study can be included in their review.
They did agree to recommend that "higher ups" meeting with us would be worth while.

We have demanded all files re: glyphosate submitted to the EPA under the Freedom of Information Act.

We are planning to meet with the EPA again in July, ( TBD) to go to the Senate, to push for testing of Yakima valley moms with birth defects 8X higher down stream from glyphosate spraying, and to continue to do what ever our moms feel will be effective in being heard.

We will not stop. We will not give up. The love for our children will never end.
This is PCB's and DDT all over again, yet far more toxic and pervasive.
It must stop now.

Moms to EPA: RECALL ROUNDUP ( Glyphosate) - Moms Across America (Blog Post June 3, 2014)

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