Monday, July 7, 2014

2002: Oregon Measure 27 - Frankentrees Engineers Confronted by Protesters in Washington

Frankentrees Engineers Confronted by Protesters in Washington:

Oregon has a history of progressive politics. It is again leading 
the way on getting legislation on a statewide ballot to require the 
mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. There is a 
strong likelihood that a citizens initiative drive in Oregon will be 
successful in gathering the 67,000 signatures of legally registered 
voters it needs by the July 5, 2002, deadline. The initiative will 
then appear on the November 2002 ballot for consumers in 
Oregon to decide whether on not they want labeling on genetically 
engineered foods in their state.

The group leading the effort is Portland-based Oregon Concerned 
Citizens For Safe Foods. The management of The Campaign to 
Label Genetically Engineered Foods has put together a web site for 
these Oregon activists at:

Emerald Valley Kitchen of Eugene, Oregon has hired a part-time staff 
person to coordinate efforts on the initiative drive in the southern part 
of the state.

f the initiative does get on the ballot, we can expect the pro-biotech supporters 
to spend millions of dollars in television, radio and print advertising in an effort 
to defeat it. However, with national polls showing 80%-90%+ of citizens 
desiring labeling of genetically modified foods, we are confident the bill will 
pass into law regardless of the propaganda from the opposition.

The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods fully supports the Oregon 
initiative effort and encourages everyone reading this in Oregon to get involved 
with gathering signatures. Or if you live in another state and have friends in Oregon, 
make sure you let them know about this initiative campaign. Thanks!

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