Thursday, September 11, 2014

Champion of Food Labeling Laws Visits Oregon / Public News Service

Champion of Food Labeling Laws Visits Oregon / Public News Service:

MEDFORD, Ore. - Backers of Measure 92, to require labeling of genetically-engineered ingredients in foods sold in Oregon, are getting some help this week from one of the "big guns" in the food labeling debate nationwide. 

Michael Hansen, senior scientist for Consumer Reports, is in Oregon making several stops to debunk what he calls "common myths" from food processors and supermarket chains opposing the ballot measure. 

Hansen says mentioning that some ingredients are genetically modified isn't any more burdensome or expensive for companies than other details now required on a food label. "You have to label milk whether it's been homogenized or not," Hansen says. "You have to label juices whether they've been frozen, or from concentrate or fresh-squeezed. 

Fish, you have to label whether they're wild-caught or farm-raised. We have country-of-origin labeling. Most importantly, look at irradiation labeling." More than 60 countries, adds Hansen, already require genetically-engineered ingredient labeling on foods. 

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