Thursday, September 11, 2014

Press Release: Colorado Citizens’ Initiative Panelists Complete Pilot Review

Proposition 105 Final - Healthy Democracy | Healthy Democracy:

Colorado Citizens’ Initiative Panelists Complete Pilot Review, Share Findings On Proposition 105 Report created by 20-member panel during pilot process details pros and cons of GMO labeling ballot measure, with 11 voting in favor and 9 opposed

(Denver, CO) – Sept. 10, 2014 – A panel of 20 Colorado voters this week completed the first Colorado Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) and released their findings after a 3½-day analysis of Proposition 105. The pilot process brought together 20 randomly selected Coloradans representing a cross section of the state to review the ballot measure on labeling for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to provide an additional voter education resource leading up to the November election.After hearing from proponents and opponents of the measure, the panelists had the opportunity to ask questions and deliberate before producing their one-page Citizens’ Statement to inform their fellow voters. “I came into this process thinking I knew exactly how I felt about this issue, and it turns out I had a lot to learn,” said Bill Wright, a panelist from Parker. “Working through this process I have changed my mind on some of the issues related to GMO labeling, but more importantly, I’ve learned that this process isn’t about how I feel personally. It’s about determining as a group what information is most relevant to Colorado voters as they make their voting decisions on this initiative.”The randomly selected and demographically balanced group of 20 panelists from across Colorado arrived at the University of Colorado Denver on Sunday to begin their work. They spent the next 3-½ days hearing from proponents and opponents, as well as subject matter experts. They deliberated and shared their findings on Wednesday.“The Citizens’ Initiative Review process allows a subset of voters to really analyze issues put before us on the ballot,” said Ben Hamilton, a panelist from Denver. “It allows us to really take the time to delve into both sides and offer voters information that is at least similar to what they would want to see in making their decisions.”

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