Thursday, November 27, 2014

ChromeBooks For Retired Scientists #Chromebook4DrHuber

ChromeBooks For Retired Scientists - GoFundMe

WWGF News Holiday ChromeBook campaign for Dr. Don Huber and his esteemed colleagues: Dr. Nancy Swanson, Dr. Ray Seidler, E.G. Vallianatos, EPA retired staffer and author "Poison Spring", Howard Vlieger, student of the soil/farmer, and a host of others....

Make a $5 donation "in the name of" a biotech comment trolls and consultants. We will post the size of the "trolls donations" when we launch our educational Google Hangout series, "Scientifically Speaking", January 16, 2015:

List of Biotech Comment Trolls

  1. Dana Bieber, No On I-522, Measure 92, Measure 105 Communication Consultant
  2. Kevin Hoyer, VP American Soybean Association
  3. Rob Wallbridge, Farmer
  4. Karl Haro von Mogel, Public Research Geneticist
  5. Kevin Folta
  6. Steve Roach
  7. Deb Herring

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