Sunday, November 30, 2014

Scientific Proof of GMO Harm in Pig Study: A Special Interview with Dr. Judy Carman

Transcript Excerpt (Page 12)

Dr. Judy Carman: Now, how is it going with the various state votes that are occurring over there? Because of course, I am distant from you. I know some states have passed legislation for labeling, but where does that take them?

Dr Mercola : The challenge with that is most of the major states, they have not passed because of these…

Typically, the industry is able to fund 300 or 400 percent more than those who oppose it. In the US, it’s

perfectly legal, perfectly legal – there’s no consequence about lying on your television commercial.

They’ll spend 10, 20, 30, to 50 million dollars to buy every bit of airtime on TV and radio to lie,

essentially lie. There’s no consequence for it. If you hear these lies on a regular basis and the majority of

people don’t know what a GMO food is anyway, of course, you’re not going to pass the legislation.

They essentially have been able to prevent any of the legislation from being passed. The ones that have

passed have sort of handcuffs on them. They’re restricted unless other states passed, because of the fear

and the threat of the industry suing them and the state having to defend that lawsuit. It’s really the big

multinational, multibillion-dollar corporations who are really controlling the show – and pretty


JC: How many states would need to pass the legislation before there are enough states to go, “Okay,

we’re going to bring…

DM: Well, we’ve got the next big state. There’s a few that have it on the table. The challenge is that there

is a limited number of people who understand how to run these initiatives, to corral the local people and

to do the proper marketing and media campaigns to give the education. The people who do know can only

concentrate on a state or two.

There’s a lot of number of more states who would like to do it, but they just can’t because of the lack of

professional expertise in running these campaigns. There’s really a professional… It needs to be done

professionally, otherwise you just won’t win. I mean, you just can’t go in there blindly and think you’re

going to win. You’re going to need significant resources behind you, and most of the campaigns don’t.

There’s a limited number of funders for it. They can only concentrate on a state or two.

The next one in the United States is going to be Oregon. That’s going to be in November. That’s six

months away. There’s a good chance that it will pass. Washington and California were the two biggest

initiatives, and they both failed.

I liken it pretty similar to the tobacco challenge that we’ve had. For many years, the

tobacco industry, which is really a fraction, I believe, of the size industry that’s making these seeds and

the junk food companies… The truth did come to light, but they were able to fool people for many

decades. Finally, now everyone knows that smoking causes cancer. But 34 years ago, that wasn’t the case;

people didn’t believe it. The same process is going to happen with these genetically modified foods.

If you give the population an exposure to these toxins for a long enough time, we’re going to see disease.

We’re going to see these diseases in large numbers. What we’re trying to do is prevent that. Hopefully,

prevent it before the genie is out of the bottle. You’ve got these crops that are growing and spreading. It’s

going to make it really challenging to have heirloom varieties and the ones that aren’t contaminated with

these genes. It can continue to cause problem. It’s an issue that we’re committed to because it’s so near

and dear to the health of the population.

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